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iStreamBox all-in-one solution

RealTime Streaming Protocol

iStreamBox uses Realtime Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to provide customers low latency streaming and more features such as stream seek, rewind, record. Our delay encoders and servers combination can stream even a small bandwidth stream (8Kb for example) with a delay between live source and client below 1 second. This is important for monitoring and comunications applications but also can be used to provide clients a better stream experience.

HTTP Streaming

iStreamBox can also use the HTTP streaming, the standard of transfeing data in the world wide web. Although not as feature rich like RTSP streaming HTTP has the advantage of being the most compatible solution around the internet.

Splitting and relaying

iStreamBox uses stream spliting and relaying to allow a single live stream to be distributed to aditional servers increasing the number of users that can connect to the stream. This feature also allows to have servers in multiple geographical locations which serve a single stream providing users with a better stream experince.

Up to 8 (eight) live audio sources in one box

Our hardware can encode up to 8 different live audio inputs with the help of a single iStreambox making it the perfect solutions for conferences, multiple live events, radio and telephony monitoring.

Live input multiplexer

Live input multiplexer is a virtual recording engine that permits multiple audio encoding applications to run at the same time. Generally most soundcards permit only a single recording application to record the input source (via mic, line or CD). With multiplexer, you can use multiple encoding applications to record the same source in different sample rates, bits/sample and channels (mono/stereo).

Live feed multiplexer does all the rate and format conversion in software. The applications think that they are actually getting data from the physical device. For instance, if you want to record the input from a CDROM in .mp3 format at 48Khz/8/Mono and at the same time you want to record the same stream in .aac format in 44.1Khz 16 bit stereo, with multiplexer, you can start separate encoders on different virtula input devices simultaneously.